Who We Are

Bringing people out of pain daily!
At Medi+ssage, we strive to shift the healthcare paradigm by providing medical massage as a viable option for non-pharmacological pain management. We are committed to providing quality care to all of our patients and working with community organizations to ensure that our services are accessible to everyone.

Arricka Watkins

Medi-ssage provides direct medical massage services to patients, including a 12-week, 60-minute medical massage coupled with six bi-weekly health and wellness peer-to-peer coaching sessions to guide patients to healthier choices (the program is called rEboosTx). Services provided by this project are available for Veterans, and patients who meet financial need requirements, with particular interest in serving patients from underserved communities who often do not have resources to access these type of medical interventions.

Jon Mandell

"After being in a back brace for 3 months, I found that my hip had compensated for the immobility of my back. It had become as painful as my back. I attended six weeks of physical therapy with not much progress being made on my hip pain. I attended weekly treatments of medical massage with Arrika for about eight weeks. She was very good about listening to my concerns regarding my pain and addressing them. She used different techniques to stretch and release my hip joint. At physical therapy, they attempted to stretch and strengthen the area but the hip still felt so tight and painful. Arrika was able, through her various techniques, to relax the area enough to then effectively stretch it and reduce my pain. Not sure what would’ve happened if I had not found Arrika when I did. I appreciate all the help that she gave me."


LOVED LOVED LOVED Arricka! I don’t think I will ever get another kind of massage! I wish I would have known about medical massage sooner - it’s what I have always needed and just didn’t know it existed. Arricka was also so nice to explain all that she was doing and why which I loved (but don’t worry if you don’t want to talk - I was asking her all the questions)! Not to mention how good it all felt. I highly recommend her!!!!!'